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How the Blogger Reviews Changes the Things Easily

Choosing a blogger to advertise
randomly or subjectively, on the principle of likes or dislikes is a bad idea.
It is necessary to look objectively by a combination of indicators.

The most popular and well-known
metric is the number of subscribers. However, it is dangerous to focus only on
this number.

First, if the user is signed,
It’s not a fact that he will watch a YouTube clip or see a post in the social
network community (due to the “smart” tape). Secondly, subscribers are easy to

That is why when choosing a
blogger it is necessary to evaluate the full range of indicators, including:


For example, buying fast food advertising on the platform about healthy eating is not an option. It is necessary to take into account the subject in order to at least roughly understand the interests of the audience. Yes, and the blogger himself should be interested in your product. For the Reviews for Bloggers this is the best deal that you will be having.


Reach is a better indicator than
the number of impressions / views. It shows the actual number of people who, in
one way or another, were in contact with advertising. And – coverage will
always be less than the number of subscribers. You can always request coverage
statistics from the account owner or check it through the exchange (if this
blogger is registered on it)


You can count the metrics of
engagement – likes, dislikes, shera, number of comments – separately or in sum.
They show the share of not indifferent subscribers, the size of the active

Reaction to advertising

If the blogger has already placed
ads, you need to see how the audience reacts to it. Namely – to assess the
difference between the indicators of ordinary and advertising content.
Including it is worth reading the comments under the purchased YouTube videos /
posts on the social network.


It is unlikely that advertisers
will share statistics, but there is a life hack. Statistics on clicks will be
publicly available.

How to quickly choose a

If you look for leaders of
opinions manually and directly – you have to spend a lot of time. Especially on
“YouTube”, where even there is no filter on the subject.

In addition, this method of site
selection does not guarantee placement: a blogger may not respond or suddenly
disappear with money.

The tasks of searching and
analyzing bloggers are simplified by special exchanges.

Service features:

Detailed statistics on the sites
– both at the stage of choosing a blogger, and after placement.

Sort by topic, number of
subscribers, number of views on 1 video and internal ratings:

  • Involvement, approval, discussion.
  • Secure transaction – the advertiser pays at the very beginning, but the blogger gets the money at the end: when the advertisement is placed and all the conditions are met.
  • What do you do when a blogger prefers a standard layout format and is not ready for experiments?
  • This is negotiated before the transfer of money. We either will not be placed at all, or we will analyze the tone of his posts and try to create for him.


Finer Values for the Internet marketing

Online sales are already a daily
reality: you can either join in or stay among the mammoth outsiders. Do not use
the tools of Internet marketing means only one thing: that you miss the
opportunity to expand the reach of the target audience and increase sales in
your business. Any business project on the Internet can now beat an offline
rival. So often, ambitious newcomers literally “eat up” experienced
entrepreneurs who started their businesses in the wild nineties. On the other
hand, for successful sales you need to clearly understand what Internet
marketing is and what its specificity is.

So what is internet marketing

Classic marketing is a set of
actions to promote the product on the market. It includes the study of the
target audience, the determination of the optimal price of the product, the
method of its implementation, the conduct of an advertising campaign and, in
fact, the sale of the product to the final consumer. For best internet marketing in singapore this is the best.

Internet marketing is essentially
the same set of actions. With one caveat: online space is considered as a
market, and the place of sale is your website.

The main advantages and features of e-marketing:

On the Internet, it is easier to
study the information and consumer needs of the target audience. You are not
engaged in abstract observations and conclusions, but see the statistics of
queries of a particular keyword for a certain period.

Possible the most accurate targeting

  • You do not need to “by eye” estimate which
    target audience is interested in your product, because on the Internet you can
    easily find out on which websites you most often mention it, which region
    receives the most requests for this product, what is the approximate age and
    social status target consumers.
  • You have access to a huge range of tools that
    are used to promote goods: from standard banner advertising to mailing,
    “viral” and “guerrilla” marketing.
  • You are competing not only with other sites, but
    also with offline business. Therefore, you need to think about how buying
    through the Internet will attract the user: for example, a wider range of
    products, the ability to order something on the site that is not available in
    consumer stores, lower prices, convenience of delivery, the ability to pay with
    electronic money, etc.

You need to think not only about
the design, but also about the usability of your site. The site should load
quickly, be mobile-friendly (that is, displayed normally on mobile devices),
its structure and navigation system should be simple and understandable for any
user, all functions of the site should work without “hanging”. As there the good at interent marketing singapore is there, the options are there.

It is necessary to provide
high-quality personal work with clients. For example, the site may include an
online consultant, a callback, a telephone number of the “hot line” (some
people find it more convenient to get the details by phone), an email, a
capture form with the ability to ask a question, etc.Automate all processes
that can be automated. For example, use e-mail programs, postponing social
networks, etc.