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If you want to start exploring virtual reality, or if you want to show your friends VR for the first time, you shouldn’t immediately dive into the most popular and exciting games.

The best VR games for beginners should not be too chaotic. There is a good reason for headset manufacturers to display the comfort levels of games.

Adapting to traveling in VR Melbourne can be a complex and lengthy process, especially for those who are prone to seasickness. If the in-game camera is actively moving while the player remains stationary, the user may soon become ill.

For virtual reality you really need to develop a habit, so beginners do not fit the usual selection of the best VR games for various platforms. The applications on our list have a simple and convenient locomotion, and give players time to adapt to virtual worlds.

1. Superhot VR is an exciting app for beginners, as they will be able to comfortably familiarize themselves with virtual reality at their own pace. This was made possible by the basic mechanics of the game: time moves only when the player himself moves. For the most part, players will stand in one place, turn, bend down and bend over. Locomotion is very convenient for virtual reality, although as the complexity increases, the game will force the user to sweat.

2. Space Pirate Trainer – a great step forward after you play enough at Fruit Ninja VR. The gameplay is quite simple and looks like old arcade machines adapted to the modern VR era. Players stand on the platform in space and fight off the attacks of flying droids, using a wide range of weapons. They can walk in their own VR environment, moving directly in the real world, which helps to avoid simulating disease.

3. Fruit Ninja VR – The best way to get acquainted with virtual reality with the help of a familiar mobile game. The Fruit Ninja app is almost perfectly adapted to VR. The gameplay allows the player to stand still, knocking down the fruits and bombs flying past. No complicated movements are required from the user. It’s just the thrilling fun of slicing tons of colorful and cartoon fruits.