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Backing up your business data seems like a costly and tedious action? But do you know that the risks of running your box by losing all your computer data are real? Computer backup helps preserve the memory of your business. Take the time to discover why it’s so important that you make backups of your computer data in your business! Discover all our articles to know everything about the backup.

What can be caused by data loss?

Dealing with the disappearance of all the information related to your business can be dramatic. This is why you must be aware of the problems that may arise and that may lead to a loss of your computer data.

Human causes

That the one who never made a bad manipulation on his computer which then resulted in the disappearance of a file raises the finger! And yes ! We are human and error is possible. Just touch the wrong key at the wrong time to get lost data. A file moved to the trash by mistake or overwriting a bad version in favor of an outdated version, all this is possible especially in a company where we often have to perform several actions at the same time and if your business was fractured and you were stolen from your server or your computers. Take Best Cloud Solutions Company In Singapore for finding the best solutions now.


If you have made a backup do not panic. However, if you have neglected this action, you risk biting your fingers for a long time.

Natural causes

Flooding or fire is regular causes of computer data loss. Of course we always feel safe from this kind of problem. Nevertheless, prevention is better than cure.

The material causes

The machines are not infallible! Your server or computer can fail at any time and without warning! With improper handling of your equipment, water spilled on the server or even natural wear, you are not protected from the failure of your computer equipment.

The consequences of a loss on your business

Financial consequences

We are not going to lie, it can really be disastrous. If you do not perform any backups externally or online, you may find yourself in real trouble if you are the victim of a theft, natural disaster or mishandling.

Imagine the loss of a day without your computer data. So do you say that if you lose all of your information, the inconvenience will rather extend to weeks or months if you have not made any backup of your computer system.

Financial losses but also loss of time

Redoing a client file or recreating all your accounting may be hard on you. It must be understood that the computer backup of your company represents its history and memory. If you lose it, it’s like starting from scratch.

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