What Makes the Website Designs So Important for Your Website

A website can serve as a bridge between a person in an emergency situation and another person willing to help. But in addition to its communicational power, Web technologies offer the possibility of inventing forms of solidarity impossible to achieve by other means. These include donating a snack through a click or accessing a map of donated centers for flooded real-time.

There is no doubt that a website can improve the reality of many people in need. Such is the case, that there are web development companies dedicated only to this type of projects. However, for this to happen we must apply a series of design and functionality guidelines, which we will share below.

Facilitate the donation

If the website is responsible for processing donations online, it is essential that the payment method is clear and simple. The “Donate” button should be clearly visible as soon as we enter any page, and the steps to follow should be easy to understand. It is ideal that there are multiple means of payment and possible amounts of donation, so that everyone can donate according to their possibilities. There should not be a need to use explanatory videos or to clarify things in the FAQ section, but in this case, it will not hurt. With the best best website design in singapore this is the perfect option for you now.

Use real photos

What sector of society is our campaign targeting? For example, they can be homeless, disabled, illegal immigrants or women who have suffered family violence. Publish real photos of the people we help, and give them a prominent place on the home page, make the user understand at first sight the north of our campaign and know that your donation will end in the hands indicated. The images must be of good quality and taken by a professional photographer. Images copied from other sites or purchased from an image bank should never be used.

Use real cases In line with the above, it is ideal to assign a section to publish real stories of people who have received our help. These cases can also be published from a blog.

Be informal

Surely our cause is too important to be taken as a joke; however, excessive solemnity can bore or drive away many users. That’s why humor and irony can be the best way to generate awareness, as evidenced by the videos First World Problems Anthem (drinking water) and How to look your best the morning after (domestic violence). Regarding the best in website design services this is the perfect option for you now.

Use social networks and newsletters

The website can function as the axis of the solidarity project, but it is in social networks where users will expect to find news about it. We must use platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to disseminate images of the activities we carry out, announce new campaigns, comment on news appearing in other media or publish updated information on the achievements of our struggle. We can also maintain a newsletter system so that users receive a periodic summary of this information in their mailbox.

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